Job Ready Release Notes (22/11/2023)

Hi everyone.

We are continuously bringing new improvements, security updates and features to Job Ready. We are pleased to present our latest updates.

Key Changes


Email attachment scanning

Job Ready's document scanning functionality has now been extended to email attachments. You can now be confident that documents are being sent to the correct recipient!

Document scanning now operates on Attachments for:

  • Placement Wage Histories
  • DES Placement Wage Histories
  • Jobseeker Employment Hours Report (JEHR) in Placement Wage Histories
  • Notes, including Professional Services Activity Notes


Improvements to the Leads module

The following changes have been made to improve the Leads module:

Improvements to duplication styling

The number of icons displayed when a lead has been detected against existing leads and job seekers has been reduced.

SMS Templates

SMS Templates can now be created for use with leads to provide easier and more consistent communication.

Improved user-friendliness of ESS error messages

When ESS syncs fail, Job Ready now has more user-friendly error messages to better help diagnose issues.

Increased ease of navigation from Wage Subsidy records

The placement record and the Vacancy ID are now both hyperlinked in the Wage Subsidy panel.

Placement label change

The Overridden Outcome Start Date label on Placement records has been relabelled to Adjusted Outcome Start Date to better reflect the purpose of this field.


  • An issue preventing some employers from accessing the Wage Subsidy portal and hindering communications has been resolved.
  • The Terms & Conditions link on the Job Seeker Portal login page has been fixed and will now correctly direct users to the Terms & Conditions page.
  • Some customers were encountering issues with Job Seeker records not importing from ESS. This has been fixed and the data sync process is now successfully handling records with the RQA58 participation requirement code.
  • Some customers reported that ongoing support claims submitted to CCU without the state updating to ‘Submitted to CCU’, preventing claims from being assigned to users to process the claim. While not widespread, this has been fixed. 
  • This issue was causing inaccurate claim states which could affect accuracy of claim management, reporting and analysis. This has been fixed, and now claim dates are accurate, without retroactive claim dates affecting the claim state.  

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