How to Create and Manage Action Plans/Goals in Job Ready

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An Action Plan serves as a roadmap to help job seekers stay focused on their objectives. This guide will take you through the steps to create and manage Action Plans, ensuring that you and your job seekers remain aligned with their goals.


Understanding Action Plans and Goals

An Action Plan consists of goals that are set collaboratively between you and your job seekers. These goals provide a structured approach to achieving desired outcomes. The Action Plan acts as a constant reminder and motivator for job seekers as they work towards their objectives.


How to Add Goals and Create an Action Plan

Follow these steps to add goals and create an Action Plan:

  1. Search for the Job Seeker: Begin by searching for the relevant job seeker and navigate to their record page.

  2. Access Action Plan: On the job seeker's record page, look for the index list and select "Action Plan" (the naming of the functionality can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs)

  3. Add a Goal: In the Action Plan section, click on the + symbol associated with the Goals.

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  4. Enter Goal Due date: Goal due dates automatically populate based on what is configured in the admin settings, if this date is not ideal it can be edited against each individual goal.

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  5. Add a Reminder: To set up reminders, select the "+" button. Here, you can specify the task's name, due date, assigned user (it can be anyone in the system), whether the job seeker needs or internal user needs to action, tags, and additional comments.

  6. Create Action Plan: After inputting all necessary details, click on "Create Action Plan." The created reminder will then be visible in widgets on the job seeker's record.

  7. Once all of the required Goals and reminders have been configured, by editing the action plan the status can be changed to Ready for Approval.

  8. Once the status of the Action Plan has been changed to “Ready for Approval” a button will be displayed and an approval link can be generated.


Managing Action Plans

The Action Plan Index page offers options to view "All," "Current," and "Completed" action plan reminders. For each action plan, you have the following functionalities:

  • Mark as Completed: Indicate when a task has been successfully completed.
  • Edit: Update an existing action plan to reflect any changes.
  • Once the Action Plan is completed, the table will be empty and another Overarching goal can be added.


Emailing Action Plans

To communicate the Action Plan to the job seeker, follow these steps:

  1. Once the Approval Link has been generated, open the Email section of the Job Seeker record.
  2. Enter the approval link into an email and then send the link to the Job Seeker
  3. Once the link has been opened, the Job Seeker will be prompted to review and approve the action plan.


Note: The action plan can be approved in a regular face to face meeting by opening the link from the Job Seeker record while meeting with the Job Seeker in person.



The Action Plan feature in Job Ready empowers you and your Job Seekers to stay organised, focused, and aligned with objectives. By creating, managing, and communicating Action Plans, you can efficiently guide job seekers towards their goals, fostering progress and success. 

If you encounter any difficulties or require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

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