Mergeable Fields for Purchase Order Templates

Below is a list of mergeable fields that can be included in your Purchase Order Templates.

Purchase Order Templates produce a collection of expense information that can be sent to suppliers, vendors and other parties. Purchase Orders can be downloaded by Users from Expense records and Supplier Purchase Order records. For more information on how Purchase Order Templates work, see our article on Creating a Purchase Order Template.

Available Merge Fields for Purchase Orders

The following data can be merged into a Purchase Order.

Job Seeker Information

  • Job Seeker Name
  • JSID
  • Programme
  • Funding Level

Job Seeker Site Information

  • Job Seeker Site Address (including street address, suburb, state, and postcode)
  • Site Phone Number
  • Site Code
  • Site Email Address

Supplier Information

  • ABN
  • Supplier Address (including street address, suburb, state, and postcode)
  • Company Name
  • Company External Reference Number
  • Supplier Fax Number
  • Supplier Phone Number

Expense Information

  • Activity ID
  • Appointment Date
  • Expense Date of Approval
  • Expense Approver
  • Claim ESS ID
  • Expense Created By
  • Date of Purchase Order Generation
  • Date of Service
  • Employment Fund Type
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Payment Type
  • Expense Type
  • Expense Status
  • Expense Justification

Line Item Information

  • Item Description
  • GST
  • GST Applied (Yes/No Flag)
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Total (including GST)

EPROF Related Information

  • Appointment Status
  • Duration
  • Qualification Type
  • Session Type
  • Specialist Type
  • Staff

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