Upcoming User Roles and Permissions Changes: Finance and Site Manager

We are committed to continually enhancing the security and simplicity of our platform. In line with previous communications, we are introducing some major changes to user roles that will take effect with our next release. This update focuses on refining user permissions to ensure a safe and more streamlined experience for all.

The rollout for next release will occur on or around 3 April.


What's changing?

  • Simplification of user roles: The Site Manager and Finance User roles will be consolidated into Standard Users. This change is designed to streamline the user experience and enhance platform security.
  • Migration strategy: While we will migrate certain permissions, it's important to note that this migration will not cover all previous capabilities automatically. We have decided, after consultation with several providers, that temporarily reducing complexity and permissions is safer than extending excessive permissions during this transition.

Key Permission Updates

  1. Expense Master Editor: Responsibilities related to expense management will transition from Finance Users to a User Permission flag.
    Action required: Administrators must manually verify and adjust permissions as needed for their users.
  2. Manage Claim State: Similar to expense management, claim-related functions will move from Site Managers and Finance Users to the Permissions menu.
    Action required: This change will require Administrators to manually check and update user permissions.
  3. Can Edit Suppliers: We are introducing a new permission that enhances control over supplier information.
    Action required: Users previously designated as Finance users will automatically receive this permission.

Next steps for Administrators

Please review these changes and adjust user permissions in your system as necessary before 2 April. Our goal is to have a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Please reach out to the Job Ready Support Team if you need assistance or if you have any concerns.

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